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An Oriental rug is a purchase for a lifetime and when properly maintained will last for generations.

Never use upright vacuum cleaners.
     The rotating brushes of an upright vacuum cleaner are often too aggressive for hand made oriental carpets. They also have a nasty habit of eating the fringes. It is preferable to use the hose attachment to suck the dirt and grit out of the carpet, always work from fringe to fringe and not across the rug as this can twist the pile.

Rotate your rugs regularly.
    It is always advisable to rotate your rug or carpet regularly, especially if one area suffers more wear than another.

Use an appropriate underlay.
     If your carpet is lying on a hard floor, flagstones, floorboards or something similar, a good quality rubber and felt underlay should be used. This will protect your carpet from any uneven or rough edges on the floor and also stop the carpet from slipping. For rugs or carpets sitting on a fitted carpet a felt underlay can prevent them from walking or rucking up, which can be a common problem.
For rugs or carpets sitting on a fitted carpet a felt underlay can prevent them from walking or rucking up, which can be a common problem.

Have your carpet cleaned regularly.
     We recommend that carpets and rugs are professionally washed about every three to six years, depending on how much wear they are getting. This removes any ingrained grit, which can cut into the pile of the carpet when the carpet is walked on.

Seek help at the first sign of damage.
     It is advisable, and in the long run cost effective, to have your carpet professionally repaired at the first sign of damage. It is the tension in the foundation threads that holds the rug together, if these are broken the carpet can unravel at an alarming rate.

Never use glue or sticky tape on your carpet.
     Unfortunately glue is sometimes used on the back of carpets to prevent damage spreading. DO NOT DO THIS. The glue will soak into the carpet, and when it is dry, it will rot the foundations of the carpet, or set hard. Once this has happened it is impossible to repair the damage.

Stain Removal Procedure
     It is always best to attack spills and stains immediately. When a spill occurs dilute with plenty of water. Blot from the edge of the spill toward the centre to prevent spreading or causing the "ring" when using solvents. Do not rub the area. For a solid spill take a spoon and scoop-up carefully. On old, dry, or stubborn stains; saturate, blot, and brush. Repeat this operation as often as necessary to remove the stain completely.

Stain Removal Kit
     Clean cloths/sponges, clothes brush, mild detergent (no bleaches or alkalies), white vinegar, dry cleaning fluid, weak ammonia (7% solution), alcohol, glycerine.

How to Clean Stains
     Work quickly while blotting up spill with paper towels. DO NOT RUB. Apply proper antidote(s) with a clean, dry cloth, always working from edge to centre of stain. DO NOT SOAK. Pat with paper towels; dry with fan or hair blower. Restore pile with clothes brush.

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